Happy Thanksgiving from Subsplash!


This Thanksgiving, we’d like to take the time to reflect on all of the things we are thankful for this season at Subsplash.

First and foremost, we are thankful for all of our wonderful clients. Thanks to you, there have been a total of 14 million app downloads. Say what!? Thanks for all of the time, effort, and stellar content you put into building your app. It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of you!

Over this past year, we have been in a new space that we have had the opportunity to build out and make our own. We are very thankful to have such an accommodating workspace that reflects who we are at Subsplash and allows us to grow!  


I think I speak on behalf of all Subsplashians that we are thankful to work with such great, hard-working, and fun people here in the city of Seattle. Even though it may get dark and rainy in the winter, at least we have each other to brighten up our days (cheesiness intended). Special thanks to Tim and Kristy who had the vision that started it all and brought all of us together. It's amazing to be apart of a company that strives toward the values of humility, innovation, and excellence each and every day.

And we can't go about Thanksgiving without a special thanks to the Church and all of the leaders that serve their congregation and the greater community. We love getting the opportunity to partner with you and join alongside the mission of spreading the Gospel message to the ends of the earth.

All-in-all, we feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to create and design software that helps organizations connect with their audience. We know that none of this would be possible without our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. By His grace, we have been saved and propelled into his good miraculous plan. And that, is what we are ultimately thankful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving!