Exciting News for Google Cast Users!

When we announced support for Google Cast a few months ago, Android app users had the exciting opportunity to stream their favorite media right to their Chromecast, Android TV, speakers, and other compatible devices.

The convenience of being able to share content from the comfort of your own home was a much anticipated feature. Well, we have an exciting update to share…..We’ve added Google Cast support for iOS!

Google Cast experience for iOS.

For groups with a variety of devices, this handy feature will encourage community engagement in a whole new way - allowing bible studies to share clips, community groups to share sermons, music to be played at social gatherings, and much more!

For all current clients: make sure to update your branding in the Subsplash Dashboard to see these changes go live in your app!

For everybody else, call us today to see what other exciting features are available for your own customized app!