Church of the City: Embracing a Culture of Storytelling

Over the last few years, Church of the City has seen God do some amazing things. They successfully merged with another congregation. They've seen thousands of new faces become a part of their church. And they've heard countless amazing stories of redemption throughout the city of Nashville. 

While we were at Dave Ramsey's Stewardship Conference earlier this month, we got a chance to hang out with Jameson Runnels, who is the Creative Director at Church of the City. He shared some insight with us on their creative strategy and how they use the Subsplash Platform. Two things stuck out to us while we were hanging with Jameson. First, he is a super cool guy. And second, we loved hearing about Church of the City's culture of storytelling. Instead of trying to market their church to the local community, they have decided to take the approach of simply sharing amazing stories of what God is doing in Nashville, and invite others into that. Church of the City uses their app as a platform to broadcast these stories of God's grace, and during this season of exponential growth, they've racked up two times more app downloads than people in the congregation, which has afforded thousands of people around the world the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. Check out the video above to hear more about Church of the City and their creative strategy. 

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