App Essentials Part 5: Empower Your Audience

Does your app empower your audience? 

In other words, does it add value? The most important thing to consider when creating your app is your audience—who they are, what they do, where they are being influenced–the list goes on. Your app has the potential to not only meet your audience where they're at, but also to empower them with the type of content, interactions, and functionalities the app allows for. The more value added, the more your audience will keep engaging.

Let’s start with the lifestyle factor. Your audience most likely has their smartphone with them at all times—on morning commutes, lunch breaks, during a run, or at home. Is your app able to meet them throughout these daily activities? This could mean having downloadable content for offline listening, or the ability to send event reminders via push notifications. Having functionalities that are complimentary to your audience's lifestyle makes it easier for them to engage with your content and organization.

Secondly, does your app allow for interaction? Having capabilities such as social sharing, connection to your social pages, website, contact info, and donation avenues, enables your audience to respond to your content directly from the app. This saves them time, and makes it easier for them to interact with your organization. 

Here at Subsplash, our heart is to help you engage your audience in the most effective way through mobile technology.  With our Platform-based app builder, you can easily upload and present your content in real-time. We want your content to have the best presentation on a mobile device, and would love to help you get started with your own customized mobile app.

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