Calvary Chapel Worship Center: A Story of Innovation

A few weeks ago, we hit the road to meet up with our friends at Calvary Chapel Worship Center in Hillsboro, OR. It was so much fun hanging out with Pastor Rich and getting to learn more about their ministry and their heart for being innovative in how they engage with their community. They have a pretty awesome app; you should definitely check it out!

Calvary Chapel Worship Center also has a pretty awesome story of being innovative with how they use the Subsplash Platform. Last year, they decided to STOP printing Sunday bulletins altogether. Crazy, right?! Well, not exactly. Once they stopped printing bulletins, they actually saw incredible engagement on Sundays and saved THOUSANDS of dollars. Watch our interview with Pastor Rich to find out how they did it:

If you want to learn more about how you can save money on printing costs, contact our team at We'd love to help you save money and increase engagement!

Brendan McDonnell