Client Spotlight: California Half & Full Marathon Series

California Half and Full Marathon Series is an organization that knows that the people they are trying to reach are a part of a tight-knit community. Whether someone is a veteran marathon runner, or training for their first one, the encouragement, goal-setting, and accountability that is required to take on such a huge feat requires a strong support system. 

Creating an app has allowed California Half and Full Marathon Series to leverage the community that exists among runners. They use the app as a marketing tool to extend their reach and give runners access to information about upcoming marathons in their area. For them, creating an app was a great next step towards deeper engagement that goes beyond just a static page on a website.

By making content available at their community’s fingertips, they have been able to bring more exposure to their events, and help runners schedule their races quickly and easily. In fact, since they created the app they've had over 6,400 people download it, and they've had nearly 178,000 impressions!

The California Half and Full Marathon Series is connecting with a community, all connected by a way of life. Having an event feature in their app keeps runners up to date with the latest races, and the map feature helps app users get to the right place on the day of the event. 


Push notifications have come in handy when there's been a last minute change to an event and to announce when a new coupon is available. In fact, the California Half and Full app is a great example of how to leverage the flexibility of the Subsplash Platform. Their customized coupon tab allows runners to find great deals on upcoming races. Sharing race details on social media is easy right from the app, so anyone can invite their friends or family to join in on the fun!

The organization hopes to expand beyond California to Oregon and Washington, so the added exposure of having an app that caters to a demographic that is always on the go, is the perfect tool to grow their organization. A mobile strategy for a mobile group of people.

Check out the California Half & Full Marathon Series app and get in touch with us to find out how an app can benefit your organization!