3 Ways to Build Community with a School App

Out of all of the awesome things that we help our clients do through their apps, something that gets us really excited is providing an avenue for more robust community. We love seeing relationships getting stronger and going deeper through the tools that our clients include in their apps. With that said, we want to share a few more reasons why getting an app can benefit your school.

1. Foster Community with Families

To help families feel that the school their children go to is more than just an institution, many of our clients have included prayer groups in their app for support and encouragement.

You also have the option to upload any media from chapel’s or other gatherings that parents can listen to throughout the week and discuss with their children, which can provide even more opportunities for parents to engage with their children about what they are learning.

2. Bridge the Gap between Parents and Staff

For some families, the communication gap between what happens at home and what happens at school can be hard to navigate. With a mobile app from Subsplash, you can help narrow that gap a little bit more by keeping parents in the know and engaging students.

By including great features like new staff information and profiles, and even important school-wide alerts for safety concerns, you can give the families at your school an even greater feeling of community and a greater sense of appreciation for how you are helping shape their children’s lives.

3. Engage your Community

With kids spending the majority of their day at school, and many parents being heavily involved in the activities at their children’s schools, having an app can be a great resource for parents and children who want to stay connected throughout the week.

With tabs for things like blogs, newsletters, and Bible reading plans, students and parents can stay in-the-know about important updates and announcements. There is even an option to include details about school lunches.


We would love to help you get started with your own School App! Contact us today to get more information and build an app for your school.