App Essentials Part 4: Brand Identity

Does your app enhance your brand?

In addition to a quality and inviting user-experience, your app has the potential to attribute characteristics and a reputation to your brand identity—for better or for worse. Like we mentioned before, reliability, smooth navigation, and intuitive UX design all contribute to this. But, there are other customizable factors that make your app, your app. Whether it be platform-based or custom made, the visuals, content, and artwork in your app can steer your audience to connect with your brand in unique ways. 

Being in control of your brand, and your audience's perception of it is invaluable. One way to accomplish this it to work within an app platform or service that gives you real-time control of certain customizable features. This enables you to customize colors, artwork, and content to align with your brand identity. 

On a general note, even taking the step to create a quality app for your audience shows your brand’s dedication to meeting them where they spend their time. With individuals spending nearly 3 hours each day using their mobile devices, and 89% of that time in mobile apps, having your own branded app gives you a great opportunity to engage your audience anytime, anywhere.

Stay tuned for Part 5!

Cara LuckComment