App Essentials Part 3: Delightful Design

Design plays a huge role in how we engage with digital content. Just like how we appreciate well-designed, attractive looking websites with fluid navigation, the same concept applies to the design of an app's experience. So what do we mean by delightful design?  Here are some things to consider when designing your app.

3. Is your app designed well? Is it inviting?

Does your app invite your audience to keep engaging? Does it appeal to their sense of sight and touch?  Key factors to consider include the layout, navigation, and visuals. Is the user-experience simple, smooth, and appealing to the eye? Is the navigation simple and easy to figure out? The interface and layout of your app can strongly influence its perceived value. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that once your app is opened, it has not only attractive artwork and imagery, but a simple layout where your audience can easily navigate and engage with content. 

Another key factor to be aware of is the unique design of different operating systems. If you want your app to run on multiple devices and OS's, it's important that your app's design functions well with each type. 

Overall, the goal of your app should be to provide your audience an enjoyable way to engage with your content and brand. This includes easy navigation within the app, appealing artwork and imagery, and consistent reliability. If you’re app has those three things, then it’s off to a great start in gripping and keeping your audience’s attention.

Stay tuned for Part 4!

Cara LuckComment