App Essentials Part 1: Reliability

When something makes our lives a little easier and more delightful, we naturally associate good feelings with that particular product, brand, or organization. So much so, that we keep coming back for more. The same concept applies when creating an app for your organization. Does your app keep your audience coming back? In this blog series, you'll find a few things you should consider when creating an app that stays on your audience’s home screen.

1. Is it Reliable?

We’ve all experienced apps that suddenly crash, take forever to load, or seem to be entirely dysfunctional. If it happens enough times, or too many things are broken, the app sadly might get the boot—or ignored. It’s crucial that your app functions with quality, ease-of-use, and has a responsive support system behind it to keep it running smoothly. No app is perfect (surprise!) and even the near-perfect software developments need regular maintenance with all of the new iOS, Android, and Windows OS updates rolling out.

Having access to a support and dev team can help you develop updates when issues arise—or  you could have a full-time developer on retainer dedicated to monitoring, updating, and maintaining your app (you're looking at close to 100k). Keep in mind that your app is always being compared to the standard of other apps on your audiences devices. No matter how great your content is, if the functionality is comparably too slow, or doesn’t provide a quality experience, they might not have a reason to keep it around.  

Aim for reliability with your app provider or developer, so that both you and your audience can trust that the technology will deliver your content! 

Stay tuned for part 2

Cara LuckComment