Client Spotlight: Anthem Ventura


The team at Anthem Ventura is passionate about building a culture that feels like family. “It’s not just lingo for us,” says Lead Pastor Bert Alcorn. “We actually see people taking care of each other.”

Even though their beach town has a highly transient population—young professionals, sun-seekers, Patagonia-clad adventurers—Bert talks about some of the methods Anthem uses to “turbocharge” relationships to make the most of the short time they may have with a new church member.

What does it look like to care for people in this context? In their experience, it’s all about communication.

“Having good communication is every church leader’s problem.”
—Bert Alcorn, Lead Pastor

Bert and Sherry Alcorn planted Anthem in Downtown Ventura, California in 2015. Part of the Anthem family of churches, they love their city, and they’re passionate about their mission to help people find their way back to God.

Good communication is one of their top priorities as leaders. “For us, communication is not just a strategy,” says Bert. “It has more to do with our vision for church as a family. Communication equals care.”

But like many church leaders, the team at Anthem Ventura has faced challenges surrounding email fatigue and social media overload when it comes to communication. As they searched for a new way to reach their church with effective communication, a powerful solution presented itself on the Subsplash Platform.

Subsplash Messaging enables real, personal engagement in a church’s custom mobile app. Unlimited group messaging, photo and GIF sharing, user management, and simple invites via email or SMS are all included to equip communities to experience effortless communication like never before.

With the Anthem community already engaged with their media and events through their Subsplash app, adding Subsplash Messaging doesn’t require educating their community to download another app and helps people start communicating with one another right away. Small groups, service teams, leaders, and others can be connected in the Anthem app on the Subsplash Platform through Subsplash Messaging, and Anthem’s content is at the forefront of everyone’s engagement.

“We’re really excited about having one less tool that our church uses and to simplify things, because we genuinely want people’s lives to be easier and not more complicated by communication.” —Sherry Alcorn, Pastoral Care

Bert, Sherry, and the leadership team at Anthem Ventura are leveraging Subsplash Messaging and the Subsplash Platform to see real, tangible impact in their community—specifically, to form a church that feels like a family.

With Subsplash Messaging, we’re creating a place where people can get connected, grow in discipleship, and be equipped to share the gospel; a place where church leaders can get a deeper understanding of the health of their communities and know how to better shepherd the church.

Are you ready to join churches like Anthem Ventura in building more authentic community? Let’s chat! You can also learn more about the power of Subsplash Messaging, and how effortless communication can create meaningful connections.

Subsplash Messaging is now available for all Subsplash clients! To get started with Subsplash Messaging, contact your Client Success Manager or sign up today!

“I see Subsplash Messaging being crucial for any church—any size, any type of culture. Good communication transcends culture, transcends size.” —Bert Alcorn

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