5 Ways to Make Web Giving Easy

Are you using the Giving Embeds that we released with Subsplash Web Tools yet? If not, you should be! Sure, we’re a little bit biased, but this new feature was requested by many of our clients, and was built to better serve your church by experts with decades of experience in creating donation software. So what’s the big deal about these Giving Embeds?

First, let’s start off with some explanation of what they are. With the new Subsplash Giving Embeds, you can embed the entire Subsplash Giving experience right into your website. No new tabs or windows that take users away from your website, and zero coding knowledge is necessary. Here are five ways that our new Giving Embeds can make generosity easier for you and your community alike:

It’s easy for your community.

People give when it’s easy to give. By removing barriers in online donations, you are opening the door to allow more people in your congregation to participate in worship through generosity. The Subsplash Giving experience allows users to donate in just six seconds, and that entire experience can live right inside your website.

It’s easy for you.

A slick giving experience is awesome, but who wants to spend a bunch of time worrying about writing new code and revamping your website just so that experience looks good? Certainly not you. We get it. That’s why we decided to take care of all that work for you. We provide you with an embed code, and all you have to do is copy and paste it into your website. It’s that easy!

It’s customizable.

Want to dedicate a whole page of your website to online giving? Or would you rather just have a banner on a few pages with the same experience? We provide you with many different options to fit all types of dimensions and screen sizes. No matter how you want your giving experience to be presented, we’ve got you covered!

It’s streamlined.

The same giving experience that now lives on your website can live inside your app as well. Subsplash Giving offer the exact same design and functionality for both your app and website, which helps build trust within your community. No matter what device they elect to use, they get the same experience they've come to expect. 

It’s free!

Does your ministry already use the Subsplash Platform? Good news: Subsplash Giving and our new Giving Embeds are free! And if you don’t already use the Subsplash Platform, it's still free! These options are included with each of our packages at no monthly charge. Head over to the Dashboard to check out the new Giving Embeds, and feel free to contact us with any questions....our support team is standing by to help you out! You can reach them at 206-965-8200 or support@subsplash.com.

If you're already signed up for Subsplash Giving, copy the giving embed link in your Subsplash dashboard and paste the code into the CMS of your website on the giving page, and any other page where you want giving to appear. Voila! Start collecting online donations immediately.

Brendan McDonnellComment