5 Reasons Subsplash Giving is the Best Solution for Your Church

Choosing an online giving provider for your church can be a hassle. How do you know what the best solution is? What constitutes a fair processing rate? How do you measure success? At Subsplash, our heart is to provide churches with the best possible engagement tools, and that approach was no different when we rolled out Subsplash Giving. Here are five reasons why Subsplash Giving is the best solution for your church:

Enterprise-Level Software

Subsplash is pretty new to the giving world, right? Not exactly. We created the mobile giving experience for the first ever church app back in 2009, years before most current giving companies even existed. Our giving team has decades of experience building enterprise-level donation software, so this is not our first rodeo. The result? You get a giving solution that is robust, beautiful, fully PCI-compliant, and built specifically for the church by people who have been doing this for years.

Beautiful. Fast. In your app.

Not all giving solutions are created equal. If your system requires users to jump through too many hoops to complete a transaction or re-enter their information each time they give, then it’s likely that quite a few people in your church simply won't adopt it. Simplicity and speed are important factors in increasing generosity. That's why we've built Subsplash Giving to be the easiest, most user-friendly solution available to churches. Our system is clean, easy to navigate, and allows users to give in just 6 seconds. The best part? It's also fully integrated into your app and website.

Lowest Rates in the Industry

The current industry standard has churches paying high monthly fees and inflated processing rates just to access a giving solution. We’re not buying it. As a ministry leader, you should not have to negotiate for a reasonable processing rate, nor be forced into paying a monthly fee. So we decided to turn the tables and take care of that for you. With GrowCurve, you start with a low processing rate, and your rates go even lower as your giving grows. We want you to keep as much money as possible so you can pour it back into your ministry. $0 per month, no hidden fees, and the lowest rates on the market that decrease as you grow with us. It's that simple.


Do you want to manage your donations through your ChMS (Church Management Solution)? Need a complete donor management system? Thinking about moving to a new ChMS? Good news: we've got you covered. Subsplash Giving can integrate with your Church Management Solution, and also provides the ability to manage everything through our secure online dashboard. No matter how your finance team prefers to manage donations, we have a pain-free solution for you that is completely flexible with whatever direction you decide to go in the future.

The Ultimate Engagement Platform

Engaged communities lead to generous communities. A good giving solution in of itself isn't going to increase generosity if people aren’t already engaged with your content. That is why we have not only built a great giving tool, but the Ultimate Engagement Platform. With our app, web player, digital bulletins, cloud hosting, and giving, you have all the tools you need to connect with more members of your congregation on a deeper level than ever before. Most churches we partner with see at least 3x more app downloads than people in the congregation, an increase in sermon plays, time saved midweek by using our all-in-one solution, and most churches using Subsplash Giving are on track to see a 10-15% increase in giving over the first year. It's not just a giving platform. It's an engagement platform. When engagement increases, you can expect to see giving increase as well.

If you are ready to join the thousands of churches using the Subsplash Platform, or if you have any questions about our platform, contact one of our ministry consultants here.


Brendan McDonnell