4 Apps to Download for Summer Bliss (Part 2)

We know you've been eagerly anticipating the second part of this series. So, without further ado, here are a few more fun apps to explore and download this summer.

5. Tripit (free)

Syncing up all of your itineraries can be such a pain. This app magically takes away all of the frustrations that come with trying to keep all of your confirmation emails together and keeping track of all of your important travel details.

You can access your itinerary offline and there is a bonus feature for Gmail users too. Any confirmation emails from your trip that are sent to your Gmail account will automatically be added to Tripit and converted into an instant itinerary. Pretty awesome!

6. Trover (free)

Trover is the latest travel app phenomenon and a great resource for adding on to your bucket list. Their tagline says it all:  “Discover the best of everywhere.” Trover users’ photos span 175 countries and feature exhilarating experiences from all over the globe. It’s primary feature allows users to sort through images by “latest” or “nearest.” The small icon of a walking man (indicating which images are within walking distance), transforms to a bike, a car, and then finally an image of a small flying man (indicating air travel) as you scroll down the page. The icon is paired with the exact number of miles each image sits from your location.

If you download this app you might be able to cure your wanderlust this summer and who knows you might even discover something new in your own backyard!

7. Weber’s On the Grill ($4.99)

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without Barbecue. This great app not only features 280+ barbecue recipes, but it also helps you to time your food while it’s cooking on the grill. With helpful resources like instructional videos, grilling tips, and cooking times, this is the ultimate summer bliss app.

You can share recipes with friends and create customized ingredient lists for trips to the grocery store too, so for five dollars you are definitely getting your money’s worth!

8. Roadtrippers (free)

Roadtrippers is a great catch-all app for summer exploring. This dynamic app helps you to discover great restaurants, scenic spots, hotels, and more. You can create an itinerary beforehand and access it offline, or you can discover as you go, with a feature that allows you to save your favorites.

Roadtrippers is great for last minute weekend getaways or extended trips that are planned far in advance. Sadly they only cover the U.S. at this time, but hopefully we can see some international options soon!


What are your favorite summer apps? Which apps on this list do you most want to try out?


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