4 Apps to Download for Summer Bliss

At Subsplash we are constantly trying to pursue excellence by improving our own platform and staying in tune with the ever-changing world of mobile technology and app development. Every once in a while we will come across an app that has top notch qualities, whether it be content, features, or design, and so in the spirit of summer we've put together 8 must-have-apps for you to make the most out of the warmest months of the year.

You can read about the first 4 here, and we will feature the rest in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

1. Bandsintown Concerts (free)

If you're looking for a fun summer activity you won't want to miss this app. Bandsintown not only helps you discover concerts in your area by allowing you to track your favorite artists, but it also syncs up with your music libraries across different platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and more. So even if you're favorite bands won't be in your area this summer, Bandsintown will make suggestions based on what you might enjoy.

There's nothing better than an outdoor concert to really help you get your summer groove on!

2. Happy Hour Finder (free)

Grabbing a refreshing drink and some cheap eats on an outdoor patio is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. This app will help you find the best happy hour deals in your area and provide the perfect excuse for an affordable outing with your friends or coworkers. 

If you're wanting to find the best deals at the best places in a quick second, you should definitely get this app.

3. Dark Sky ($3.99)

There's nothing worse than having to cancel your plans because of unexpected weather conditions. The Dark Sky app has got your back.

The up-to-the-hour updates in this app will tell you at a glance whether those clouds overhead are threatening or not and the design and sleek animation in this app is top notch. Another nifty feature is down-to-the-minute push notifications that will alert you when it's about to rain in your exact location. Dark Sky is also available on Apple Watch so you don't have to skip a beat when you're out enjoying the sunshine with your family.

4. Camp and Tent (free) 

What if you could find out whether a campground accepts tents or not without internet access?! Camp and Tent should be your go-to app for all of your camping adventures.

With extremely helpful and detailed information about various campsites around the country, you can hit the road and not worry about whether you'll lose your connection and end up in a non-tent-friendly campground. Great features include maps, search by city, and even campground photos. It's great for anyone looking to stay in their RV too!

What are your favorite summer apps? Which apps on this list do you most want to try out?