2017 Stewardship Conference Recap

Our trip to Nashville was a success! Subsplash was proud to be the official app and giving sponsor for Dave Ramsey's Stewardship Conference. During our time there, we got to meet tons of amazing people, hear some amazing messages about stewardship, and we definitely ate way too much Chick-fil-A....if that is even possible. Here are our three biggest takeaways from the conference:


We are managers, not owners

Dave Ramsey and Louie Giglio both had awesome messages about the heart of financial stewardship. Both rightly pointed out that we are not owners of our finances, but managers of it. Everything we have - our health, wealth, and material possessions, belong to God. He has given everything to us as a gift and it is our privilege to wisely manage what he has given to us while we are here on earth (we wrote more about this here). Subsplash is super thankful for our partnership with Dave Ramsey and EntreLeadership. His financial training has benefitted so many people (including Subsplash...we've gone through many Dave Ramsey trainings as a company!) and it was awesome to see so many pastors there to learn how they can be the best stewards of the resources God has entrusted to their ministries. 


We love meeting our clients

There's nothing more fun for us than meeting pastors and leaders who use the Subsplash Platform and hearing them share stories of how God has used it to bless their congregation. We got to hang out with a handful of clients during our time in Nashville, and it was so cool to hear what they had to say (and to actually meet them face to face!). We got to spend some extended time with Jameson, the Creative Director at Church of the City. He shared some awesome stuff about what God is doing there and how they utilize their app, and we will be sharing that with you soon! As Brady said in the video above, the eternal value of what we get to do is something special. The fact that we get to create software that God will use to draw people closer to him is absolutely mind-blowing! Getting to meet our clients in person is a great reminder of that.


We also love southern food

Seattle is heaven on earth for the foodie. Every neighborhood is fully loaded with a plethora of incredible restaurants. But one thing we don't have here is real southern comfort food. Good news: Nashville has lots of it, and we got to partake in the blessings of bbq chicken, cornbread, banana pudding, baked beans, and more at Edley's Bar-B-Que. After the first bite, we all agreed that there will be an Edley's in heaven. Trust us, though, you don't want to wait until the afterlife to experience this goodness. Praise the Lord for comfort food!


Make sure to check out our video above to see a small glimpse into our time in Nashville. We hope to be back soon!