Nokia Lumia 900: Windows Phone 7.5's Make or Break.


The much anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 will be available in stores April 8th. This seamless collaboration between Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T will surely be something to take note of. The question is, however, will it be enough to establish credibility in Microsoft Windows as a legitimate platform? It’s something completely different from what you're used to from the likeness of Apple and Google, but different could be a really great thing.

Microsoft and Nokia have really put all they have into the designing of this phone. You could even say they put all their eggs in one basket (Easter joke..). Sure, there have been some great phones in the past that have run Windows Phone 7 on them, but none quite like this. You can tell that this phone was specifically built for the platform, and this is the most exquisite way of showing off the new Windows Phone 7.5 - Mango. So what is going to entice someone to purchase the new Lumia 900? Well first of all, it’s pretty. The sleek design features a matte black or cyan body that gives it a very premium feel, and because of the material, won’t scratch and is incredibly durable. The 4.3 inch screen is slightly bigger than the 3.7 inch screen that was on the Lumia 800, but doesn’t seem too big and perfectly complements the Mango operating system. The entire layout from start to finish is incredibly elegant. It is slightly more pixelated than the newer iPhones and Androids, but isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

Microsoft has had a hard time getting off the ground with Windows Phone. In the past the Windows OS was not showcased nearly as well as it could have been on premium devices, and almost appeared to just have been squeezed to fit into existing models. Reverse solving around this, the Lumia 900 is the best device to experience the splendor of Mango. The biggest problem Windows has had in entering the market is its limited quantity of apps. Mind you, it has grown from 50,000 to 80,000 just since December, but it still in no way competes with the overwhelming market share of the App Store and its close second - Google Play.

I believe the Lumia 900 is going to be successful, especially with brand new smart phone users. It has all of the bells and whistles of the most popular smart phones (spare a low res screen and its single core processor) and at a price of $100 it’s quite a steal.