Luminance for iPhone and iPad - Now Available!

We're excited to announce our latest product... Luminance. Luminance for iPhone and iPad gives you pro photo editing capabilities in a simple and elegant app. Effortlessly add effects to your photos, choose from many built-in presets, and take edits from one photo and apply them to multiple photos.

How the app came to be We started Luminance about a year ago. A co-worker and I wondered what it would take to create a photo processing app that is a non-destructive editor, using adjustment layers and such. We started working on the concept in off hours a couple hours a week for a few months until we had a pretty good tech in place.

Designing the app layout and UX was a real challenge. We knew that we wanted to keep the user interface very simple, make it feel like it belonged on your device, and kinda create a mashup of the iPhone/iPad Photos app and Aperture/Lightroom.

After a couple more months of fine tuning and testing, we decided that it was time to release it as a product, and here we are today.

We're really excited about where Luminance is at, and we're excited about making it better.

Upcoming - You can keep your eye out for Twitter integration :) - Many of you have been asking about a Crop / Rotate feature, or... er... just saying that it's "missing." We're definitely aware of that, and don't plan to leave it that way. Please be patient with us as we work to increase the power of Luminance.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy Luminance!

Download Luminance in the App Store today, or visit