iPhone 5: You'll never be picked last in gym class again!


If you couldn’t tell from my slightly skewed voice on all issues Apple (unintentionally), I am an avid iPhone user. I have nothing against Android in any way, what it comes down to is that iPhone is all I’ve ever known. I can FaceTime, I had Instagram before it was cool, and of course - I’m part of the elite iOS club. I think everyone in this club can agree that we’re all waiting on the edge of our seats for a glimpse at the next iPhone - presumably iPhone 5? I have read a slew of rumors from a titanium case, to a USB port, to telepathic qualities (okay not really), to a 4 inch super screen.

So what feature would you appreciate most in the new iPhone? What’s your stance on the screen debacle? Do you think it’s just fine, or could you readily support a bigger screen? Steve Jobs will most likely be rolling over in his grave, as he decided that the current 3.5” screen was the perfect and only acceptable size for the iPhone. He even went as far as to say that some Androids look like skateboards - the guy was not only a genius but quite the joker.

Another prominent rumor is that the black gloss body will be no longer. Instead it is rumored that a titanium-type case will take its place - similar to the bodies of most Apple laptops being produced currently. This would be an incredible new option as it would make the iPhone itself sturdier and less vulnerable to drops and tumbles (which I’ve never done by the way).

The dock connector may finally be out. Although the improvement may make more sense, for the sake of convenience it is going to be a hard adopter. There are countless devices and chargers that currently use the dock connector, and if you own one of these you are going to be straight outta luck.

A welcomed addition would be an improvement in Siri. At this point, Siri is hardly a valuable feature on the iPhone. Something that could certainly improve the experience of using Siri is being able to use Siri within applications. Applications are becoming the preferred experience with mobile users and Siri is not currently able to access content from within them.

When it comes down to it, Apple knows what they’re doing. Any improvements at all will be welcomed with open arms and 24-hour groupies camping outside the Apple store. C'mon, we’re ready for a new iPhone!