Seven Ways to Encourage Giving


Make it Simple

74% of Americans say they write no more than one check per month, and about 80% of Americans carry $50 or less in cash. Because of this reality, online and mobile giving is key. When it’s easy to give, people are more likely to give! With Subsplash Giving we’ve made giving simple and effortless.

Teach a Biblical view of stewardship

Emphasize tithing as a Biblical practice and an act of worship, not just a means to pay the church's bills.

Communicate your vision

People are more likely to give to a clear cause. A mission statement or video can be a great way to share the essence of your church's vision.

Share the impact

Share stories of how God is working in your church and community so members can see some of the ways their gifts are making a difference.

Offer financial classes or other resources

Personal money management is an important aspect of Christian stewardship. Helping people learn more about finance is a great way to serve your congregation, and as people gain control of their debt or finances they are more likely to become regular givers.

Practice financial transparency and good management

People are also more likely to make gifts when they know that their money is being managed wisely. Keep your congregation informed about the church budget and finances.


Encourage members to prayerfully consider how much God is calling them to give. A giving campaign can be a great way to engage first-time givers. Ask members who are able to take advantage of recurring giving, and consider sending a push notification during the summer to remind people to give.

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