Churches using Subsplash as their primary system for media, apps, and giving pay $0/mo.


That's right, no monthly fee. "Primary system" means that Subsplash Giving is enabled and promoted on your church's website, and used for at least 60% of your church's donations. If Subsplash is not used as the primary system, regular service charges apply on a discounted, pro-rated basis.* Subsplash Giving rates for payment cards are 2.9% and .30 per transaction. E-check is 1%. Includes Subsplash GrowCurve – the first and only donation system that gives you credit as your donations increase.


Plans to Fit Your Church


*Must provide most recent annual financial statement to qualify for free service. Pro-rated discounting for monthly subscriptions works like this: 50% discount when Subsplash Giving is used for 30% of total donations, 75% discount when Subsplash Giving is used for 45% of donations, 100% when Subsplash Giving is used for 60% of donations.