Navigate to the Giving page and/or link on your organization or church's website or to the Giving tab in your organization or church's app. There, you will find a link or portal unique to the organization you want to give to. Simply follow the instructions to give! If you've already created a Giving account, look for the avatar in the top right hand corner of the banner to login.

Need help finding this link or tab? Contact your organization or church for more information!


Navigate to the login screen for either web or in-app Giving. There, you will find an option to reset your password using your email address. If you are unable to do so, please contact Subsplash Giving Support:


Subsplash and your church do not decline gifts or cards, rather, Subsplash requests approval from the bank that issued the card. If a card is declined, a gift will be declined. If your card is not expired, you should contact the issuing bank to determine the cause. 

If the declined card was tied to a recurring gift, you will need to re-create the gift with a new card.


Please contact the organization’s Account Owner using the contact information on your receipt. The Account Owner will initiate the refund and contact you as soon as possible.  


This means that the organization has temporarily disabled giving. Check back in a few days or contact the Account Owner.  


This message was caused by one of the following reasons:

Some cards are limited by border-crossing. If your card was issued in a different country than the organization you wish to support, this may be the problem. Please call your bank to determine if your card has been restricted.

Some cards (including corporate and FSA cards) can only be used for certain business reasons, including travel and healthcare. If your card is only available for specific business reasons and should work for this transaction, please let us know. (

Some debit cards required a PIN to be entered. If you are trying to use one of these cards, you will need to use another card to complete the transaction.


Security is of the utmost importance at Subsplash. Subsplash Giving is PCI-compliant and is protected by industry standard encryption and payment data is stored in PCI Level 1, SOC1, and SSAE16 compliant gateways, First Data and Wells Fargo.

1) All cardholder data is transmitted directly from each donor’s browser to the gateway that we utilize, never touching our servers.

2) Our gateway is compliant in storing cardholder data, and is audited regularly.

3) Our back-end processing center (First Data) is fully PCI compliant as one of a hand-full of secure facilities that are heavily regulated by all of the card brands.

4) Our banking partner, Wells Fargo, is fully PCI compliant as a member of the Visa and MasterCard associations.


How do I update my credit card?

If your credit card expires and a new card with the same card number is issued, we will automatically update the card for you. If you wish to replace an expired, cancelled, or unused card, you can add a new card before or after deleting the invalid card.


How do I delete a stored card or Bank account?

You can manage your cards on the web or in the app’s Giving section. Select a stored card and choose delete to remove it.


Why does it say I already have an account?

We provide applications to thousands of churches and ministries. You likely already registered your email through another app. We link these accounts together to simplify your user experience.


How do I reset my password?

Navigate to the login screen for either web or in-app Giving. There, you will find an option to reset your password using your email address. If you are unable to do so, please contact Subsplash Giving Support:


Is there a minimum or limit to what I can donate through Subsplash Giving. Are there any other requirements?

There is a $1.00 minimum and you can donate up to six figures! Donations must be in whole dollar amounts. For example, $5.00 is is a whole dollar amount while $5.25 is not a whole dollar amount.

What are supported payment options?

Accepted payment methods vary by organization and most accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (America only), JCB (America only), and CUP cards. Additionally, direct bank transfer (ACH) donations are supported in the USA. (Canadian ACH support is coming soon.) To find out which methods a certain organization accepts, navigate to the payment method screen in their app.

Can I use a debit card?

Yes, you may use your debit card as long as it has a Visa or MasterCard logo. You do not need to enter your pin; simply enter it like a regular credit card.

I'm in Canada, can I use my Interac card? 

Canadian donors can now use their Interac card as long as it has a co-branded (co-badged) Visa or MasterCard logo! 

Can I use my corporate card?

Yes. We recommend consulting an accountant for tax advice before making a tax deductible donation with a corporate card.

I accidently entered an incorrect amount for my donation! Can I modify my transaction?

 Not at this time. You may make a second donation, or you can contact your church giving administrator to request a refund and then make a new donation.


Before you can donate with Subsplash Giving, you must link a payment type! You can link your bank account, debit, or credit card!


To link a bank account, you must complete a bank account verification process:

  • Select the type of payment source you would like to link! In this case, you would select “Link Bank Account.”

  • After entering your bank account and routing information, your account is listed as “unverified.”

  • To verify your account, Subsplash Wallet will transfer two deposits of less than $1.00 each to your account (these deposits are commonly referred to as micro deposits). It can take 1-3 business days for the micro deposits to appear in the account.

  • We send you two reminder emails so you remember to check your account for the micro deposits.

    • If you do not receive micro deposits within four business days of the day you linked the bank account, it is very likely the account information you entered was incorrect. You will need to remove the currently linked bank account and link your account again.

    • To remove the linked bank account simply select the item in your Payment Methods section of your Subsplash Giving account.

    • If you experience this issue after multiple attempts to link your account, please give your bank a call to verify your account information.

    • After three or more business days, the micro deposits will be withdrawn from your account, regardless of whether you have successfully linked your bank account.

    • If you do not verify your bank account, your bank account will remain in an “unverified” state indefinitely.

  • Once you have received the two micro deposits in your account, enter the amounts in your Subsplash Giving account to verify your account. Go to your Giving Account, click Payment Methods, select the unverified account, and enter the amounts of the micro deposits.

  • Once your bank account is successfully verified and linked, you may begin using your bank account as a payment source for your gifts!



  • Select the type of payment source you would like to link! In this case, you would select “Link a Debit or Credit Card.”
  • After entering your card account number, the expiration date and CVC code, your card should be successfully  linked!
    • If your card is declined when you enter your card information, it is possible your card has expired or something was mis-typed. Please check the information you entered.
    • If you continue to experience issues linking your card, please contact your bank to verify your card is activated.

    • Certain card types are not supported by Subsplash Giving, including Diners Club Cards and Canadian Interac cards without a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Please reach out to the organization you are hoping to donate to if you have any more questions regarding linking payment methods to your account!


I received an email alerting me that I have an upcoming recurring payment. Do I need to do anything?

Once your donation has been processed you will receive a receipt via email. Unless you wish to cancel the payment you don't need to take any action. If you wish to cancel the payment, there is a link in the email to do so.

I need to change or discontinue my recurring gift. How can I do this?

To change your recurring gift, you will need to discontinue your existing recurring gift and set up a new one!

You can manage this within your church’s app, or from the link your church provided for giving.

From the Giving page:

1. Click on the white avatar in the upper right hand corner of the giving screen.

2. If you are not signed in, sign in with the email and password used for your initial sign up.

3. Click "Recurring Gifts"

4. A.) Select the gift you would like to discontinue and select "Discontinue."

   B.) If you wanted to simply discontinue your recurring gift, you are done! If you wanted to change the frequency of your gift, please see step five!

5. Hit the back arrow in the upper left hand corner to return to the Giving page and set up your new recurring payment!


I received an email alerting me that my recurring payment was declined, what should I do?

There is a link within the email you can use to update your information. Alternately, you can log-in on the web or in your app to update the card information on file and update your recurring payment.


I received an email alerting me that the card for my recurring payment is about to expire, what should I do?

You have two options depending on your new card.

1. If the new card will have the same number, we will automatically update it for you and you do not need to do anything.

2. If the card number will be different, there is a link within the email you can use to update your information. We provide this link for convenience, but you can also update the card by signing in to your account on the web or in the app and updating the card information on file.

The message is sent out in advance to give you time to make the update or any changes before your next payment.

I received an email alerting me that my next recurring payment will be my last, what should I do?

You can ignore the message and allow the payments to cease or you can set up a new recurring payment to keep giving. The message is sent out in advance to give you time to make the update before your payment series ends.


I received an email alerting me that I have an upcoming recurring payment but I want to stop it. What do I do?

There is a link within the email you can use to change or cancel your recurring donation before it is processed. Alternately, you can log in on the web or in your app to make these changes at any time. The email reminder is sent out in advance to give you time to cancel the payment before it is processed. If your donation has already been processed, please  see the help topic “How do I request a refund or cancel a gift?” in the General section of these FAQs


How can I view my giving history in the app or online?

You can view your transaction history in the History section from within the app or through web giving. Select an individual transaction from the list of transactions to view the full transaction details. 


How will this gift show up on my credit card statement?

It will appear with the name and contact info of the organization to which you gave.


Why didn’t I get a receipt? /Will I get a receipt?

You should receive a receipt as soon as your donation processes. Donations from a card are usually processed in under a minute. Direct Transfer (ACH) donations usually take about two business days to process, but in rare cases may take up to a week depending on your individual bank.

If you don’t see your donor receipt, check your spam folder, and verify you’re checking the correct email account. If you still do not find your receipt go to the Giving section of your app. Check and update your email address if appropriate. From within the app, or on the web (when using web giving) you can view your transaction history. 



You should contact the Church or organization to which you donated. Your email receipt includes their contact information. The information is also available on the web or in the app within the “Account History” section. If you do not have a receipt or access to your app contact Subsplash Giving Support: