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Why should your business have an app?


FSG is a nationwide, “single source provider” offering bundled lighting, electrical, and energy management products, services, and solutions which enable customers to build, maintain, expand or upgrade their facility infrastructures with the latest innovations.

FSG has over 3,000 employees worldwide and uses their app to train their staff no matter where they are or which time zone they're in. Their app has some great resources for employees, and is a perfect example of how any business could use an app for internal purposes.





The EntreLeadership app is a resource for business professionals that helps small business owners build stronger teams, hire the right people, and increase profits through tools like the Entreleadership podcast, tips of the week, and more. 

In the app, business leaders can access free advice from some of the world's best experts, allowing users to learn how to build and grow a business. The convenience and accessibility of the content in the app allows people to get expert leadership advice anytime, anywhere.



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