Engage Your Audience

Never before have apps and your television been so seamlessly connected. Apps are where people are consuming media, and being on Apple TV will allow for the most brilliant presentation of your content. 

Not only that, but facilitating community discussion within the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Having support for Apple TV will encourage community engagement by enabling them to gather together to watch your content, anywhere, anytime.

 Create a TV app for your church along with a mobile app in one click.

 Present your content on the big screen with a TV app. Create your TV app and mobile app for your church instantaneously.

An Immersive Experience

With Apple TV, your users will be able to watch your media on the big screen. Additionally, your audience can seamlessly listen to audio through Apple TV and the best speakers in the house while cleaning up or working out. The scale of TV content makes your media more immersive than ever before, and allows users to browse content with ease. 

Create your TV app today!